Superior quality

Quality Control

We Prioritize Quality

In RICSA, we offer superior quality in each and every of our projects; satisfying our client’s technical requirements beyond expectation.

Equipment & Metrology Control

Radiographic Inspection

Heat Treatment (PWHT)​

Magnetic Particles


Contrast & Fluorescence Penetrant Liquids

Hydrostatic Test

Pneumatic Test

Hardness Testing

MicroExplorer Inspection

Adherence Test

Anchor Profile of Painting & Coating

Visual Inspection of Welded Joints

Positive Materials Identification

Vacuum Testing

Penetrating Liquids

X-Ray Imager

Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

Leak Test

API Inspector


Quality Dossier

At the culmination of each project we deliver a detailed quality case file that enlists all tests and inspections performed in the vessel as well as a CD-ROM with all the digital information recorded.

Welding Procedures & Certifications


RICSA is capable of generating and qualify welding procedures according to the kind of job needed under ASME, AWS and API norms. For welder qualification in the different welding processes we perform a technical inspection for welding deposit verification according to the established process, a radiography inspection of a welded probe to verify internal health as well as tension and bending physical tests.