National Board

Why work with RICSA?

We build pressure vessels ASME stamped for low, medium and high pressure services made of carbon and stainless steel in all its grades, as well as of special steels and alloys.

Our experience in transportation and field jobs has given us the ability to handle equipment of any size and shape anywhere in the world. We carry out on-site repairs, expansions and modifications.

We work under the philosophy of quality value in all our processes, maintaining an organizational culture and human resources that provide growth based on the quality of our products.

More than 35 years of experience

Manufacturing products since 1980 for different industries: from petrochemical to food industry.

We are ASME certified since 1996, having manufactured over 1,200 vessels stamped under this standard until today. We count with “U” and “R” stamps for the fabrication and repair on site or in our facilities.

All our processes are ruled by ISO 9001, a certification that controls and improves the quality in each of our products.

Our operations financial structure is supported by the annual reports made by the D&B firm. These reports are available on their official website.