We are certified


We Are Specialists

We have specialists in the use and application of internationally accepted codes and standards, such as ASME for pressure vessels and API for vessels not subjected to pressure.

Stamp U Certificate Number 28, 988

ASME - U Certificate

On June 18, 1996 RICSA receives the ASME certification for its acronym in English, with U designation for the manufacture of vessels and parts subject to pressure, any product stamped with this symbol indicates that it was built under the guidelines of the ASME Code Section VIII Division I.

Since August 14, 1996 we have stamped 1147 vessels and counting.

R Stamp Certificate Number 6505

National Board – R Certificate

On June 25, 2004 the R certificate is issued by the National Board (NB), it enables us to repair and / or modify vessels that have been stamped with the ASME stamp.

From February 23, 2005 to April 25, 2017 we have stamped 26 vessels.

R Number 6505

National Board Stamp

We also have the NB stamp, all vessels manufactured and stamped under the ASME code are registered in the National Board and this stamp is placed on the manufacturer’s data plate.

Certificate ISO 9001

ISO 9001

All of our processes are ruled by ISO 9001, a certification that controls and improves the quality in each of our products.